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Your own Magic Wand

Today you’ve probably had plenty of people around you reminding you it’s Friday the 13th. I know I have. I really try not to believe in such superstitions any more, because all they are is a result of past negative … Continue reading

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“Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace”

I absolutely love this blog page someone kindly shared on Facebook today. Life’s too short to take things too seriously. I do love all the positive adjustments I continue to make in my life, that make me feel better about … Continue reading

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Wishing on a Star – FREE Hypnotic Meditation

I am a huge fan of daily meditations to help calm, relax and balance me. I prefer guided meditations to the silent meditations and have quite a large library of them now. Some of my absolute favourites are by Collin … Continue reading

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Stormy weather – got my dancing shoes on!

Well I have certainly been going through a few storms recently. I’ve been hesitant to write because I wanted my blog to be full of positive vibes. But I thought, isn’t that being a bit fake? How can I write … Continue reading

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