Self-publishing Success Story

self-publishing-successA couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Julie Flygare’s book, Wide Awake and Dreaming.

What I didn’t know then, and have found out today, is that Julie self-published this book. I would never have guessed. I have read it and it was perfectly proofread, the story flowed as well as I would expect from any memoir, and it has an attention-grabbing title and cover.

For such a long time, self-publishing has been considered the poor relation of ‘traditional’ publishing by large publishing houses. Granted, some self-published books I read in the past would have benefitted from some editorial input and proofreading, but the content was great, and I have been happy to overlook a few spelling and grammatical errors for the pleasure of reading such a good story. The early feedback generated to those authors and the self-publishing world has led to self-published authors upping their game and now many are giving the big publishing-houses a run for their money.

So how do literary agents feel about the rise of self-publishing? Well Kathryn Beaumont is a literary agent who has also featured Julie’s book in her blog which you can read here.

Kathryn followed up that article with a really useful guide to choosing whether to self-publish or not.

I asked Julie if she approached, or considered approaching, a conventional publisher with her book at all before making her decision to self-publish, and I am thankful to Julie for her rapid reply, “Yes I spent a year and a half dealing with a literary agent who approaches the publishers. I came very close to a publishing deal at a few publishing houses. All said how well written the book was, but ultimately that no one cares about narcolepsy. Which was obviously the stereotype I was trying to fight in writing the book. So ultimately, after getting very close many times and dedicating so much time to the traditional publishing process, I had to self-publish.”

What Julie has also shown is that self-publishing is a valid and convenient option for somebody who self-manages a health challenge too, particularly when the subject-matter is something a publisher will probably have no experience of, and considers it such a small niche market. Obviously, a lot of people care.

wide-awake-and-dreaming-narcolepsy-memoir-julie-flygare-book-release-1024x1024Julie’s successful efforts have led to her becoming the ‘voice’ of people with narcolepsy. It has propelled her into tireless (perhaps an ironic choice of words for a person with narcolepsy) campaigning for narcolepsy awareness.

You can purchase Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy from and

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