You don’t plant the seed and reap the harvest in the same season

plant seedsThere is a concept in coaching called seed planting. It means that it takes time for new ideas and suggestions to be embraced. There are clients that take hold of a new idea and run with it, some take a little more time to allow the idea to grow while others can take years before the idea sprouts. Still some clients will never grasp the idea. It will simply lay dormant. It doesn’t really matter what the client does with the idea. The purpose is to plant the seed and the client can do with it what they will. Sometimes the idea just needs time to germinate.

A counsellor once told me that not to make a decision is a decision. She said not to choose was a choice. I thought she was nuts and went on with my life. It was some years later when I was in the middle of a situation where I was avoiding a decision that her words hit me like a ton of bricks. I literally said out loud, “I get it.” It took years for that seed to germinate in my brain until one day it sprouted and grew into a concept I understood. I was finally ready to get it. I wasn’t able to hear it before, but with time, I had evolved enough so the concept made sense. New ideas can take time to get used to. When we first hear the idea we may not be ready for it. That is fine. When you are ready the idea will sprout and grow and be there for you.

The other side of this is not to force your ideas and suggestions onto other people. By all means share them, but leave it at that. Seed planting isn’t an aggressive act; it is gentle and done with love and compassion. All you can do is plant the idea. What happens to it is up to the individual and what they are ready to hear at that very moment. The idea may sprout right away or it may take years. That isn’t your concern. Your job is to plant the seed and move on.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear – Buddhist proverb

I recognised this in my own life a few years back. When I was really poorly and in a lot of pain, I visited a pain clinic in Spain several times. On my last visit, as I was leaving, the physiotherapist suggested I might like to read a book or watch a film called ‘The Secret’. I came back to England and carried on with my life, the same way I had been doing, for the next 18 months or so. Things got worse and worse for me, until I hit my rock bottom, and there made a decision that things HAD to change. Within a couple of weeks, the words of that physiotherapist came back to my mind, and I obtained a copy of the film ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne (UK version).

Well, things changed in my life so quickly. Absolutely for the better. I couldn’t believe I had been given this guidance such a long time previously, but I hadn’t acted on it. I had made the decision at that time NOT to act. The reason was because I wasn’t ready for it. My desire for the change had had to become stronger.

Everyone is at different places in their lives. Sometimes you will understand the new idea right away and perhaps even take action on it in the moment. At other times it will take a while. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get something right away. It just means the idea is in germination. When you are ready the idea will sprout and grow and be right there to support you. Until then don’t worry about it and go on with the ideas you are ready for. There will be plenty of idea seeds sprouting at any given time to keep you busy.

The same concept applies to perseverance. When you do embark on something new, be it a business, a new health regime, a sport, etc. you would rarely expect to see the result you want overnight. You expect challenges because it is new, it is out of your comfort zone. There will be times when it gets so difficult that you want to quit. You need to realise that you are making the decision to quit or not to quit.

I began writing this blog 6 months ago. Right up until 2 days ago I was anxiously looking at my statistics to see how many readers I had. I was achieving a readership level of roughly between 6 and 25 views on the days when I wrote something, which wasn’t every day, and which became less frequent as I became a bit disheartened. I felt like nobody was interested in what I was writing and I did consider quitting.

However, I remembered back to when I ran a business many years ago, and I remembered it took 2 years before it became profitable. It then became considerably successful for the next 6 years.

I decided to look beyond my writing, and researched blogging effectiveness further. Over the last couple of weeks I learned how to optimise my blog with tagging, coding. I began networking with other bloggers, and I learned how to publicise my blog more effectively. I developed my skills, and became more hopeful. And for the last week I have been following the Having It All program by John Assaraf, also available in the UK.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling hopeful and when I looked at my blog stats I had had 57 views overnight! I decided to set a goal to see if I could achieve 100 views by the end of yesterday. I actually achieved 130 views in one day! Talk about excited, I was ecstatic! And already today, up to this point, there have been 111 views. It has certainly given me new motivation to decide NOT to quit.

“Quitters never win. Winners never quit” – Lisa Nichols

I realised it was not about people not wanting to read what I wrote, it was about me planting my seeds but not nurturing them enough, like failing to water and tend to the plants.


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