Your own Magic Wand

magic-wand1Today you’ve probably had plenty of people around you reminding you it’s Friday the 13th. I know I have. I really try not to believe in such superstitions any more, because all they are is a result of past negative programming. And if we believe that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, as I am coming to learn they do as I have gathered so much evidence to support this over the last couple of years, then having beliefs like this does not support us positively.

However, some part of this superstition must have triggered something subconsciously as I ended up having, quite frankly, a crappy day! Three negative things happened (yes THREE, there’s another superstition to be released!), that knocked me more off-balance than I have felt for quite some time. The first was quite major, something that was life-changing. I believed that this was a bad circumstance I would have no choice but to endure for the foreseeable future, potentially several months or even years. But I also know through what I have learned about Law of Attraction that all is not lost as long as I can get a grip of my vibrational frequency pretty sharpish. The following 2 events were further evidence to support that my attention, energy and focus was not where it should be.

So my dominant intent became to change my focus. To soothe my resistance to the contrast I was manifesting.

I was very fortunate to have arranged to meet a like-minded friend for a cup of tea. The moment I walked in her house and she saw I was upset, she sat me down and firmly placed a rose quartz crystal in my hand. After a cup of tea, a hug, and some wise words, and still holding on to the crystal, I felt the negative charge begin to dissipate.

I returned home, knowing I needed to find the perfect meditation to further ease my emotions. I browsed through my extensive collection and settled on a ‘Quiet Mind Meditation’ by Enlightened Beings.

After listening to this, it felt like so much negativity had been released from me. I felt inspired to make a phone call. I discovered that all is not lost, and that the problem is something that my doctor may be able to help me with, so I made an appointment for early next week. Wonderful! I have time to adjust my energy frequency in the right direction over the weekend.

What else was wonderful was that it brought my attention back to using these beautiful guided meditations. I purchased this package a couple of years ago, but now and then I forget I have them. This is because I have done so much research and tried out so many more products, that they sometimes slip off my radar. The funny thing is though, when I do hit the tough times, it always seems to be this collection that I am drawn back to. And when I use them regularly and consistently I do know they work. I remember saying to an aunt, when I was telling her about them one day, that when I listen to one of these daily, I always receive some unexpected financial windfall or gift within a few days e.g. winning a competition or a cash win on the lottery or something. More important that that though, they make me FEEL good and light.

They do recommend that you listen for 45 days to see amazing results, however as I said, I generally don’t get that far as my attention jumps on to something else. I’m really asking myself why now, because I have never made such a claim about any of my other meditations as I made to my aunt about these ones.

If I gave you a “Magic Wand” that empowered you to create anything you desired…what is that one thing that you would choose to manifest into your life?

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