Pollyanna’s ‘Glad Game’

gladgameDisney has a wonderful way of making films full of absolute gems.

They choose the best stories, full of positive philosophies and examples to live by.

One of my favourites is Pollyanna, and especially her ‘Glad Game’.

Pollyanna is a young orphaned girl, sent to live with her very rich, but not very happy, aunt.

Pollyanna always finds something to be glad about. One day she is asked to explain this Glad Game.

Pollyanna laughed softly.

“Well, that’s the game, you know, anyway.”


“Yes; the ‘just being glad’ game.”

“Whatever in the world are you talkin’ about?”

“Why, it’s a game. Father told it to me, and it’s lovely,” rejoined Pollyanna. “We’ve played it always, ever since I was a little, little girl. I told the Ladies’ Aid, and they played it–some of them.”

“What is it? I ain’t much on games, though.”

Pollyanna laughed again, but she sighed, too; and in the gathering twilight her face looked thin and wistful.

“Why, we began it on some crutches that came in a missionary barrel.”


“Yes. You see I’d wanted a doll, and father had written them so; but when the barrel came the lady wrote that there hadn’t any dolls come in, but the little crutches had. So she sent ’em along as they might come in handy for some child, sometime. And that’s when we began it.”

“Well, I must say I can’t see any game about that,” declared Nancy, almost irritably.

“Oh, yes; the game was to just find something about everything to be glad about–no matter what ’twas,” rejoined Pollyanna, earnestly. “And we began right then–on the crutches.”

“Well, goodness me! I can’t see anything’ ter be glad about–gettin’ a pair of crutches when you wanted a doll!”

Pollyanna clapped her hands.

“There is–there is,” she crowed. “But I couldn’t see it, either, Nancy, at first,” she added, with quick honesty. “Father had to tell it to me.”

“Well, then, suppose you tell me,” almost snapped Nancy.

“Goosey! Why, just be glad because you don’t—-need—-’em!” exulted Pollyanna, triumphantly.

(Excerpted from “Pollyanna” by Eleanor H. Porter)

At first, the townsfolk were very resistant to changing from their negative ways. However, in time, her happy positive outlook was so infectious, it transformed the whole town.

This is a wonderful tool in your Law of Attraction box of tricks. As Law of Attraction states that you get what you focus on, positive or negative, if you focus on things to worry or complain about you attract more things to worry or complain about. However, if you focus on gratitude and things to be glad about, you magically create more of those.

It can turn your day around from one tainted by disappointment, to one brightened by gratitude, thankfulness and joy.

For instance, a common little annoyance is getting stuck in a traffic jam, sometimes as a result of an accident up ahead. Many people become irate when this happens. I used to too. Now it is easy for me to remain calm by saying to myself things like “I’m glad my family are safe”, “I’m glad I was delayed setting out and avoided that accident”.

I remember being delayed at the airport going on my holidays abroad. While others around me were complaining about all the inconvenience to them, and that they were missing out on precious holiday time, I thought “I’m glad they’re not going to leave until they know my plane is safe”.

Consider these scenarios. How could you feel glad if they happened?

* You’ve planned a day at the beach. You wake up and it is pouring with rain.

* You’ve attended a job interview. You haven’t been offered the job.

* You receive your electricity bill.

Go through an entire day finding things to feel glad about. Better still, write them down. How do you feel at the end of the day?


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