I’m hungry … but it’s not about the food

IamhungryI’m hungry for real love, not crumbs I try to call a meal.
I’m hungry for relationships where respect is the cornerstone of connection.
I’m hungry to be in relationships that don’t require me to dim my bright light in order to be offered a seat at the table.
I’m hungry to have my gift and talents truly appreciated by those I work with.
I’m hungry to not need to dumb myself down so that others feel smart.
I’m hungry to be beautiful and sexy and not a Barbie doll for a man.
I’m hungry to have a partner who doesn’t feel like a predator.
I’m hungry for passion and great sex that is worthy of my mind, body and spirit.
I’m hungry to not have to play small when my spirit and dreams are big.
I’m hungry to be brave and not let fear drive my life.
I’m hungry for an undivided self, soul, life, love and relationship.
I’m hungry to know that I am loved, and irrevocably a child of God.
I’m hungry to be ME.

This is an excerpt from Hungry: The Truth about Being Full by Dr Robin L. Smith. After suffering an horrendous series of life events, and then noticing she was beginning to develop an obsession with food, Dr Robin just had to pull over her car on her way to a party one night, and grabbed a pen and paper. These words just flowed out and birthed the book.

Then came the realisation that the food issue was not the underlying need: it was just what she thought would ‘fill her up’ when in reality it never could.

How many of us turn to other things to fill us up, or try to remove or numb the need? Food, alcohol, drugs (including prescribed medications). They will not solve our problems: only looking within to identify our real needs, and then taking steps to fulfill ourselves will help.

I felt I could really relate to Dr Robin when she spoke about how the events that led to her disabling conditions felt like she had been put in ‘time out’ because she wouldn’t do that for herself, wouldn’t slow down and listen to the lessons and messages of life. Too busy to take time to fulfill her own needs.

I had never heard of Dr Robin L. Smith before today. As I expected, the Hay House World Summit has provided me with a new treasure, a golden nugget, that will help me to finely tune my life into something even more magnificent. It’s not too late to register for the Hay House World Summit and hear Dr Robin’s full interview but be quick 😀

Hungry: The Truth about Being Full from Amazon.co.uk

Hungry: The Truth about Being Full from Amazon.com


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