Bringing Sexy Back

bringing-sexy-back lipsDuring my 3+ years of personal happiness development, I have had the pleasure of discovering many new teachers, mentors, advisors, gurus, etc.

Many of these experts are involved in these Summits that I enjoy listening to. Every talk I listen to I pick up another ‘Golden Nugget’ that helps me to enhance some aspect of my ever-expanding, ever-developing, ever-improving life. Best of all they are sharing their knowledge and experience for FREE. How does it get any better than that?

I love to let you know about all the resources I can, especially the low or no-cost ones, as it really feels like the Universe wants you to have this information as readily as possible.

I have been enjoying the Healing with the Masters Summit recently, and the massive Hay House World Summit begins on 1st June with 110, yes ONE HUNDRED AND TEN! top speakers/teachers over a 10 day period. Including Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Jennifer McLean, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra and Iyanla Vanzant, to name but a few. It is FREE to register and listen. I know many of you love these speakers, as do I, so don’t miss it!

Well, I have just found out about a new, exciting event called The SexyBack Summit, which starts on 19th May. And who does not want a bit more Sexy back?

During this 100% FREE online summit — complete with Powerpoint-style slideshow video presentations — you will:

* Learn how to optimize your hormones safely without synthetic drugs

* Discover which foods and herbs will amplify your sexual energy

* Uncover the secrets to reigniting the passion in your relationship

* Hear incredible stories of real people who reclaimed their sex lives naturally

* Have access to our experts via nightly LIVE Q&A sessions

* And much more, all from the comfort of your own home!

Life happens.

None of us are immune to the curveballs life hurls our way — traffic jams, deadlines, bills, conflicts, relationships, bosses, in-laws, e-mails, politics…

Need I go on?

Well, the truth is that it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Our bodies — more specifically, our hormonal systems — were never meant to endure the chronic, non-stop stressors of modern times.

If I listed every single disease and health condition associated with chronic stress, this email would end up being way too long. (And that would probably stress you out!)

So today we’ll just focus on one thing —> your sex drive.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that whenever you’re under a lot of stress, the last thing you’re thinking about is making whoopee. (And that’s probably stressing your partner out!)

There’s a reason for that.

In a nutshell, your hormonal system has two tiny glands, called the adrenals, that make stress hormones (i.e. cortisol) and sex hormones (i.e. testosterone). When stress gets high, your adrenals likes to crank out lots and lots of stress hormones…BUT at the expense of your sex hormones.

In other words, stress hormones go up while sex hormones go down. Next thing you know, sex starts to feel like work. And you don’t want that.

The good news is that you can get your libido back and reignite your sex life…naturally.

My friend Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness is less than a week away from opening the doors to his FREE online SexyBack Summit with 7 days of presentations by 24 medical doctors, naturopaths, trainers, and nutritionists.

But you don’t have to wait until Sunday to get started. Sean put together a series of free videos called SexyBack Sessions to get your primed for the summit.

In today’s episode, The 2 Tiny Glands that Can Ruin Your Sex Life BIG Time, clinical holistic nutritionist Christa Orecchio teaches you…

Why feeling exhausted all day but having a “second wind” of energy at night is a telltale sign of spent adrenals.

How refined sugar sends your blood sugar north and your sex hormones south.

What your digestive health can tell you about your sexual energy. Who know!?
When you register to attend The SexyBack Summit, you’ll get instant access to Christa’s video — plus, you’ll get an email from Sean with links to download your SexyBack Sessions video series as well as info on how the summit works.

Click here to get your sexy back!

… and just to get you in the mood 😀


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