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Free Book – The Soulmate Experience

Relationships with others are one of the biggest parts of our lives, in which probably every one of us can see room for improvement. The best way to improve our relationships with others is to improve our relationship with OURSELVES. … Continue reading

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Bringing Sexy Back

During my 3+ years of personal happiness development, I have had the pleasure of discovering many new teachers, mentors, advisors, gurus, etc. Many of these experts are involved in these Summits that I enjoy listening to. Every talk I listen … Continue reading

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Not my cuppa tea

Sometimes some people are just not your cuppa tea. It doesn’t mean you have to dislike them, making that choice does you more harm. Just accept they are not your cuppa tea and don’t buy that tea anymore. Also, turn … Continue reading

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Things aren’t always what they seem

I love this story. When things don’t seem to be going right, or rather not as you think you would like them, remember: they could be so much worse. Be thankful that they are not. One day, you will see … Continue reading

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Freebie Treats for You

Before we get down to the serious business of relaxing into this beautiful day, do you need something to get you going, give you some ooomph? Here’s one of my favourite tunes, and this video is designed to get you … Continue reading

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Emotion Devotion – Part 2

So how do I alter the emotion I am feeling when something bad happens? When I am in the middle of a crisis? When everyone around me is talking about that thing that happened? When I just feel bad for … Continue reading

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Be True to Yourself

What song reminds you, or what do you do to remind yourself, to be your true authentic self?

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What the Bleep is Tapping?

I am a big fan of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or ‘Tapping’ as it is known. It is a form of acupressure, like acupuncture but without the needles. It is clinically proven to work on so many issues. Originally used … Continue reading

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Riding the wave

Have you ever tried surfboarding? I haven’t tried it myself as I don’t swim (yet), but I have realised that it is a good analogy for learning how to get on, and stay on, a positive frequency in life. It’s … Continue reading

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